A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

After 69 years the two finally meet in world war 3. War torn both of them fight their last battle of their lives to save their nation. Who wins. Find out...

The very waited sequel everyone's been waiting for. Hollow Knight SilkSong. cringe. Star Wars Knights of the Republic 3. kiss my ass. A good AAA game? Sorry that's not happening. I hate to break it to you. Anyways enjoy! Credits to the ppl that I stole music from (:

btw if the mac version doesn't work I'm sorry I'm too dumb to know how it works.

Install instructions

1. Download zip file

2. unzip downloaded zip file

3. open the application in the unzipped file

4. Enjoy!


ShrekvsThanos2win.zip 36 MB
Omgepicsequelmac.zip 64 MB

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